regarding the bug430

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Sat Oct 8 05:04:20 CDT 2005

hi all,

if we disable the following two lines in DEFDLG_SetFocus function in
the defdlg.c (line nos 70 and 71)

   if (SendMessageW( hwndCtrl, WM_GETDLGCODE, 0, 0 ) & DLGC_HASSETSEL)
        SendMessageW( hwndCtrl, EM_SETSEL, -1, 0 );

The testcase program given is running correctly, i have asked julliard
about this.
He said we need extensive testing what is the exact behavior on
windows. Does this cause any regressions?
Well i dont know whther this is a correct patch ??????
Well before this somebody took a stab at this but having a global
variables, this was not accepted as it was a bad idea.
Well if there is any other mechanism to know whether the control is a
edit box, well we can put some fix so that we save the focus details
on the control itself and retrive it form the control.
Ideas are welcome


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