[PATCH] wined3d VideoRam registry setting

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Sat Oct 8 07:07:02 CDT 2005


> > I guess it is not possible to retrieve the real value from the system ?
> >
> Jonathan,
> OpenGL does not have any standard features which allow querying of
> total video memory.  It does allow you to see if a texture allocation
> would succeed or fail, but that would mean allocating a lot of
> textures on startup to determine the actual value then deallocating
> them... not a particularly nice route.  If wine already knows this
> value (which I doubt, since this code wouldn't exist if it did) then
> we could use that.  I'm not familiar with any X calls that would give
> us what we want either.  I'm open to suggestions though...  Cedega
> also does it with a variable like this.

In case of Nvidia hardware it is possible to query the amount of video
memory using the NV-CONTROL extension. If needed I could provide some code
for it. (wrote my own library for this a long time ago)


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