Improve Bugzilla Query page usability by changing default state?

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Sat Oct 8 15:57:27 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 10/8/05, Tony Lambregts <tony.lambregts at> wrote:
>>>>I would like you to rethink puting your QA page onto the wiki.  for now
>>>>I have put a link to it in
>>>As I said earlier, I'll add my QA page to WineHQ when it's
>>>in good shape.  It still needs a bit of polish.
>>But this should not go into Wine HQ. Stuff like this should be in the wiki not
>>Wine HQ since it is not a published doc nor a page that is likely to be static
>>(unchanging). We have moved out the Janitorial page and others to the wiki for
>>the same reason.
>>As for polish it is more likely to get polished there quicker since more people
>>can polish it ;^)
> <troll>
> The text on the wine wiki looks dreadful at the moment.
> I prefer to keep my pages somewhere where people
> who don't write well have trouble editing them.
> </troll>
> OK, that's kind of trollish of me, but there's a kernel of
> truth to it...

is that really so bad as compared to?


Tony Lambregts

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