debugging app exceptions?

wino at wino at
Sun Oct 9 03:42:13 CDT 2005


I am trying to debug an app and making good progress with on sorting out  
the dlls reqd. but now have an exception I dont know how to follow.

The progs own log ends with:

10:21:35 File C:\progs\natz\Program\dd10enum.dll: Version
10:21:35 File C:\progs\natz\Program\dmfc6.dll: Version
10:21:35 Exception thrown (d:\work\px\trouble\tests.cpp, 936).
10:21:35 Cannot find the file 'nstex50.dll'
10:21:35 QuickCheck Failed.
10:21:36 Final Termination

The "cannot find" is erroneous since it has found the file so I need to  
get more info on the exception , I did a WINEDEBUG="heap" and all seemed  
OK, I am a bit unsure where to go now.



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