WINE Regression due to patch applied Feb 22, 2005 10:50 CDT

paul pgr at
Sat Oct 8 22:50:58 CDT 2005

Arren Lex wrote:
> I've just finished regression testing WINE using the instructions at 
> One of my favourite applications, the open-source and freeware KeyNote, 
> available at , experienced a 
> regression between WINE 20050211 and 20050310. I've been too lazy to 
> regression test it for a long time, preferring simply to use an older 
> version of wine, but in honour of WINE's pending non-alpha release I 
> went ahead and tested it.
> Keynote used to run perfectly under WINE <=20050211, but after 20050310, 
> it doesn't launch: it spits out the error message "Exception 
> EAccessViolation in module kernel32.dll at 0004FF5D. Access violation at 
> address 404DFF5D in module 'kernel32.dll'. Read of address 00000000." 
> and quits. This regression still exists in the latest version of WINE.
> I found WINE's ability to run the application was broken between 
> 20050222 10:50:10 CDT and 20050222 10:50:15 CDT. Watching the output of 
> 'cvs update', it seems three files were modified during these five seconds:
> U dlls/kernel/string.c
> U dlls/shell32/shell32.spec
> U include/winbase.h
> I don't know which one is the culprit; I'm not a programmer. I just hope 
> I've given you guys enough information to fix it!
> Keep WINE alive. It's an awesome utility.
> P.S. Is there some sort of list of patches and when they were applied? 
> The regression testing page above doesn't link to one (maybe it should!) 
> and I wasn't able to find one I could check against.
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Go to and look at date you have 
found and you will find this link to the patch.
and the log message Make lstr* functions inline inside Wine.

It would be best to also file a bug and include Regression and patch id. 
Download keyword url for the application.

A starting point to move things along and narrow down the location of 
the problem is to with current CVS run

WINEDEBUG=+relay wine pathtoyourapp/app.exe

a 100 or so lines before the exception along with the backtrace should 
be added to the bug. At that point additional traces may be requested.


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