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Mon Oct 10 04:04:02 CDT 2005

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 08:45:30 +0200, James Hawkins <truiken at gmail.com>  

> Hi,
> I really appreciate the effort everyone has put into cleaning out the
> old bugs in our bugzilla recently; however, I do have an issue with
> the way we're closing some of the bug reports.  The ultimate outcome
> of wine is to enable a user to run windows apps just as they would in
> windows, so if a user has to run the app with a native dll or follow
> special instructions to make it work, then there is a bug in wine that
> needs to be fixed.  Quite a few bugs have been closed recently
> referring the user to the instructions in the AppDB or to a list of
> dll overrides that makes the app work.  Recommending a dll override
> can be useful to the end user as a temporary workaround, but the bug
> hasn't been fixed.  Cleaning out the bugzilla is well appreciated, but
> we must keep up due diligence in order to keep wine's bugzilla as a
> reliable status of wine's bugs.  I offer this as the beginning of a
> discussion of bugzilla administration policies.  Any thoughts,
> comments, and ideas are welcome.
> --
> James Hawkins

That was basically the point I was trying to make in the autocleaning  
script thread but I got told if I didnot like it I should volenteer as  
bugzilla maintainer.

I dont really give a hoot if wine bugzilla gets scapped, I was just trying  
to make the suggestion that the wish to reduce truely dead bugs should not  
be done in a way that reduces the value of the bug database and wastes the  
efforts of those have taken the time to fill a bug report.

I'm going to clear up my garage later but I'm not going to be throwing out  
the spanners to make the workshop look tidier.

Maybe you expressed it a bit better. ;)

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