How to install mozilla active in wine

Listman listman at
Tue Oct 11 00:13:03 CDT 2005

> Monday, October 10, 2005, 9:48:18 AM, Dan Kegel wrote:
>> On 10/10/05, Vijay Kiran Kamuju <infyquest at> wrote:
>>> I would like to install mozilla active in wine, i have downloaded the
>>> xpi file.
>>> and what should i do make the wine recognize this activex.
>> Searching google for mozilla activex finds
>> Does that help?
> Which brings a question: should we add that address to registry so our "Do
> you
> want to download and install Mozilla ActiveX?" thingy to work? Or should
> we
> remove that question all together?
> Vitaliy

This has pretty easy instructions for activex on it, should be in the FAQ

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