Release plans

Tom Wickline twickline at
Tue Oct 11 17:31:58 CDT 2005

On 10/1/05, Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Oct 2005, Brian Vincent wrote:
> > On 10/1/05, Molle Bestefich <molle.bestefich at> wrote:
> >> Question is, how do I convey updates to the documentation to you guys?
> >
> > Tom described it here:
> >
> WineHQ's CVS page should be updated with instructions on how to get the
> documentation:

I see this is done now.

> Btw, why not put the Wine documentation in the same CVS as the Wine
> sources, Website, the AppDB, etc. It seems like this would simplify
> explaining how to get it a lot (and it would automatically work with
> cvsup too).

When Newman gets a chance it would be a good idea to sync the FAQ currently
on WineHQ with the current FAQ on source forge. There is a Q/A in the FAQ that
points out how to get the Doc's.


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