winelib .so change in 20050930?

Michael Ost most at
Wed Oct 12 01:01:27 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 11:02, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> You shouldn't need to export them, you can still link to the library
> directly at the Unix level, a Winelib dll is still an ELF library.

You are right, and using winegcc helped alot. I can link, but ... then
the program crashes when it runs. I attached a bash script that
demonstrates the problem. It builds two winelib apps: "good" and "bad".
"bad" has the problem and won't run. "good" doesn't, and will.

It seems that winebuild --exe is not working correctly when linking if
there are no winelib DLLs with exports.... or perhaps it's still user
error %) ? 

The winebuild step triggered by wineg++ is not generating
__wine_spec_init or __wine_dll_register entry points. These entry points
*are* made if there are exports in the shared library's spec file. The
entry points should be pulled in with libwinecrt0.a, since they are
defined there. But they are not and I can't figure out why.

The file is created without complaints, but when you try to run
it it seg faults. The crash is related to the absent __wine_spec_init
entry point. I found where (in kernel/process.c) and will submit a patch
to make wine quit gracefully in such a case, by the way.

The 'nm' output of the two looks very similar except
* has no __wine_spec_init 
* has no __wine_dll_register
* has undefined __wine_spec_init_ctor
* has undefined __wine_spec_init_state

I'm so close! Hopefully it's just some little missing param or
something. I am guessing that making Wine calls in a shared library
without exports is not common, but that's how our code works. I am
hoping that it's your intention that it work... or else I gotta spec out
hundreds and hundreds of mangled C++ function names!

- mo

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