Can you reproduce this bug on wine-20050930 like me?

Hiji hijinio at
Wed Oct 12 01:45:17 CDT 2005

--- Vitaliy Margolen <wine-devel at> wrote:

> Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 9:00:49 PM, Hiji wrote:
> > Can you reproduce this bug?  Follow these steps:
> > 1. Install Filezilla:
> >
> > 2. FTP into the server of your choice
> > 3. Click and drag files from the server to your
> local
> > machine (to copy them)
> > 4. Realize now that even though the files have
> been
> > copied to your machine, you are still dragging the
> > files around
> > If you can replicate this serious bug, can you fix
> it?
> > Hiji
> > P.S.  This is for bug 3148, and I have been able
> to
> > reproduce it on both Filezilla and AbsoluteFTP
> Yes this is a bug in list view. I've looked into it
> several days ago.
> Unfortunately there is no easy fix for it. Wine's
> DragDetect does not work the
> same way as it does on windows. When I tried to fix
> it, it completely broke
> drag&drop for list view. I didn't want to go to far
> with fixing it as it surely
> would of been big changes and not acceptable ATM
> until after 0.9 release.
> All I managed to fix was single click dragging that
> used to start as soon as you
> clicked on anything.
> Vitaliy

Hi Vitaliy,

Thanks for looking into this.  Good to see that I'm
not going crazy!!!  Would it help to compare against
the code in wine-20041201 where this bug wasn't

In my opinion, this type of bug is a show-stopper. 
What good is dragging and dropping if this
"stickiness" occurs?

Anybody else care to chime in?

Thanks again!

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