Bugzilla administration policies

James Hawkins truiken at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 19:20:33 CDT 2005

On 10/12/05, Tony Lambregts <tony.lambregts at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can try to list the correct dll under each category but I am going to
> need som help somewhere along the line. Some are obvious to me but
> others make my head hum...
> If it is worth while I am certainly willing to do it.

I think what Francois and I were proposing is one component (or
keyword) per dll for finer-grained control.  I don't think it would be
very useful to list the dlls under the categories we have already,
because the categories are too broad, though I do appreciate the
effort you are putting into it.

James Hawkins

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