Winefile change - Where do I request one

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Oct 13 00:37:59 CDT 2005

Craig macLeod wrote:
> I would like a change to the Winefile application to add the ability to
> parse the commandline for it. Mainly so you can pass in a startup folder.
> eg
> winefile c:/temp
> will open the selected path under /.wine/ folder.

Since this is also possible with Microsoft's explorer.exe, I'd suggest
following their lead when it comes to specifying the command line

> This feature would be useful so an application can open a browse folder
> option.


> This is not a bug as such and I am not sure bugzilla is the appropriate place to request this.

Hm.  Not even sure that the Wine project *has* a place for reporting
RFE's, other than wine-devel.  I wonder.

> Could someone let me know where I should request the small change.

I think you're getting your hopes up high if you expect someone to
pick up the task after briefly mentioning a RFE here.  That said, it's
an open source project, so you are *very* welcome to contribute the
enhancement yourself.  I know that you're probably very busy (and
annoyed? :-)) with getting your own project working with Wine, so you
don't have much time.  And after that, if you submit a patch, it'll be
scrutinized and peer reviewed (= criticized) by wine developers before
getting accepted.  There's a bit of an entry barrier there.  Well, at
least the source is easy to check out using SVN or CVS, and afterwards
you'll have the yummy feeling of not just using the Wine code that
everybody else has made, but actually having contributed to it
yourself.  Bragging rights included.  (For you company too, if they
decide to pay you while working on it.)

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