How Do I launch a Native Linux application from Within Wine

Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at
Thu Oct 13 00:42:43 CDT 2005

On 10/12/05, Craig macLeod <craig at> wrote:
> As the subject says,
>     I have a Windows application and I wish to run a native linux
> application from withing it. The main Win32 API calls for running another
> apllication are
> ShellExecute
> WinExec
> CreateProcess
> I have tried calling a native linux program with these (nautilus) and it
> consistently fails. Do I need a fully specified path (nautilus is in the
> search path mind you)?

I just tried it, and it works.
Here's what I did:
copied example CreateProcess code from
Modified it to use an absolute path, e.g.
    CreateProcess( NULL,  TEXT("c:\\windows\\MyChildProcess"), ...
since it didn't seem to work otherwise (probably a PATH problem).
Created a shell script with that name, e.g.

$ cat >  .wine/drive_c/windows/MyChildProcess <<_EOF_
$ chmod 755 .wine/drive_c/windows/MyChildProcess

Compiled the demo app with msvc, ran it with wine, voila!  xeyes are
following me around on the screen.

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