DefDlgProc* broken for (at least) WM_GETTEXT

Troy Rollo wine at
Thu Oct 13 00:50:12 CDT 2005

The DefDlgProc16, DefDlgProcA and DefDlgProcW call CallWindowProc16, 
CallWindowProcA and CallWindowProcW to pass messages to the dialog 
procedures. The problem with this is that a dialog procedure is not a window 
procedure, despite having a similar signature. The dialog procedures return a 
BOOL rather than an LRESULT - the value that would be returned by a window 
procedure is returned by 'SetWindowLongPtrW( hwnd, DWLP_MSGRESULT, ... );' 
for a dialog procedure, and the return value of the dialog procedure is a 
BOOL indicating whether the message was processed.

This causes problems for messages like WM_GETTEXT, where the return value of 
the message is needed for (and modified by) post-processing when calling 
across a W->A or A->W boundary.

It seemed that the tidyest fix would be to create three new routines internal 
to dlls/user: "call_dialog_proc_a", "call_dialog_proc_w" and 
"call_dialog_proc16". These three routines would be substantially the same as 
CallWindowProcA, CallWindowProcW and CallWindowProc16, except that they would 
pass a flag to the 6 cross-call case handling routines to let the routine 
know it is calling a dialog procedure and needs to use the value for 
DWLP_MSGRESULT for its post-processing.

The problem with this is that two of the cross-call handling routines (the 
16->W and 16->A ones) are exported:


They do not appear to be used anywhere outside of the file they are defined 
in, and it seems unlikely an app could ever have a legitimate use for them. 
Vitaliy suggested maybe they may have been inadvertently missed in a cleanup 
of cross-DLL calls.

So, what I propose to do is:

1. make __wine_call_wndproc_32A and __wine_call_wndproc_32W static (and hence 
not exported)

2. Add a parameter to each of __wine_call_wndproc_32A, 
__wine_call_wndproc_32W, WINPROC_CallProc32WTo32A,  WINPROC_CallProc32WTo16, 
WINPROC_CallProc32ATo16 and WINPROC_CallProc32ATo32W to indicate that the 
cross-call routine should get the LRESULT from (and set it into) the 

3.  Rename the existing CallWindowProc* routines to (static) 
call_window_proc*, add the flag parameter there as well, and create new 
CallWindowProc* and call_dialog_proc_* routines to call the renamed routines 
with the appropriate flag.

Any objections?

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