STI on wine: progress + help

Damjan Jovanovic dj015 at
Thu Oct 13 00:58:03 CDT 2005


I've been working on an STI implementation for wine,
and recently I made some progress.

At present I've got a basic STI.DLL and I've made a
Linux kernel module replacement of USBSCAN.SYS on
Windows. I've only changed CreateFile() and
NtDeviceIoControl(). When CreateFile() gets a
devicepath "\\.\USBSCAN..." it opens the kernel
module's device file using open(), and sends the file
descriptor to the wine server using
wine_server_fd_to_handle(). NtDeviceIoControl() checks
the IOCTL code to see whether it is a scanner code,
and if so, does an ioctl() call.

The problem seems to be that after running for a
couple of seconds, all the file system calls like
ioctl() start failing with EBADF (bad file
descriptor). Is there something other than
wine_server_fd_to_handle() I have to do? The scanning
application I am testing uses multiple threads and
several processes. 

Thank you

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