GoogleEarth issues

Robbert Xerox xerox_xerox2000 at
Thu Oct 13 12:44:44 CDT 2005

Hi, wouldn't it be great to get Googleearth more or
less running before Wine 0.9 comes out. At least i
think it would be great as is is top voted application
and very popular.  I did some investigation and found
that GoogleEarth suffers from at least 4 bugs. However
3 of them can be bypassed for now by using native
dlls. The bug that really makes it quite unusable is
that that the menus are hidden by GoogleEarths's
image. GoogleEearth's 
image is in the lower left corner whereas it should be
in the upper right corner. The following patch seems
to have 
caused this issue:

Maybe someone who is familiar with the x11drv code
could  have a look at it. More info in 

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