[DSOUND] add DirectSoundFullDuplex support

Evil wine at eternaldusk.com
Fri Oct 14 09:48:16 CDT 2005

Molle Bestefich wrote:

>Why not do this:
>  Accept the patches into trunk, and do the "code freeze" in a branch.
> - Developers of patches will not get pissed (ahem) for their stuff
>not getting in.
> - Development doesn't stop just every time a release is coming up.
> - Developers can actively select whether they'd like to help with the
>release (switch to '0.9-rc' branch) or do a little more crazy stuff
>(switch to trunk).
> - Only sane patches get accepted to the RC by picking and merging
>those that are approved some way or another.
> - Patches don't get "LOST" as you call it..
> - Can't think of any?


     - No Programmers and CVS users actually test the RC branch, and
keep plunking away at the trunk.
     - Programmers continue to concentrate on adding unimplemented
features instead of fixing existing bugs, since there's no active
            pushback on new features.


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