Reality check

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Oct 14 20:03:07 CDT 2005

> Besides, without this type of "responsibility" in
> place, I could theoretically pay a developer to fix a
> bug for me, and then, 3 months down the line, some
> other developer breaks it.  What do I do then?  Pay
> money again to have someone refix it?

If you think that a newer version of Wine is "broken" for the 
application you are interested in, then you can always go back to the 
older version of Wine where it worked.

Nobody magically made it so that you *have* to upgrade.  If you made it 
work before, then it's possible to make it work again, isn't it?  If you 
forgot what combination of software worked, is that really my problem?

If your app worked in Wine 200104xx with Redhat 7, then you can still 
make it install that and make it work :)

Now if somebody changes something in an attempt to improve things, and 
you want their improvements, and you want your old applications to work, 
then you want something from them, don't you?


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