Reality check

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Oct 14 23:06:11 CDT 2005

Hiji wrote:

> In the context of this example and referring to what
> I'm getting at, you get one improvement, but in
> return, something else gets broken.  That just doesn't
> seem right.  It's like the little kid who makes
> breakfast for mom & dad, but in the process, makes a
> mess of the kitchen (that mom & dad end up having to
> clean up anyways).

You keep refering to things in the real world like broken windows, 
broken down cars and physical mess, but software isn't like that, it's 
an idea, and can't be destroyed, or broken, only added to.

What you're paying people to do is to add, improve, refine and maintain.
You can clean up the mess done by any patch just by doing:

patch -p0 -R < dodgy.diff

Hmm... but maybe you need my help to identify with is dodgy.diff, even 
though I didn't write that patch? ;)

I like fixing stuff, but I don't have much patience for people telling 
me that I *must* and then wanting it done for free.

> Peace & Love for Wine!! :)
> Hiji

here here :)


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