[ World of Warcraft ] The 1.8 Patch brings the target ( or targeting ) problem back

Eddahbi Karim thetemplar at free.fr
Sat Oct 15 02:03:43 CDT 2005

Christoph <cr2005 <at> u-club.de> writes:

> Hi
> http://lists.transgaming.org/pipermail/winex-devel/2004-May/000259.html
> With the attached patch WoW is working for me, clicks on the playfield
> are now ok!

I used a derived work [1] of your patches and it worked for me but not 
for others.

The patch I tested seems to make wineserver eats a lot of memory in some

> chris

Thanks for the work you've done and for digging in the transgaming 
mailing lists.

[1] http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-2800297.html

Eddahbi Karim

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