Debuging Splinter Cell 1 - found bug in kernel32?

Mike Hearn mh at
Sat Oct 15 07:37:55 CDT 2005

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 12:44:35 +0000, Christian Gmeiner wrote:
> Maybe somebody can confirm that it is a kernel32 bug and may can fix it,
> or give me a hint were i can fix it.

Good to see the tutorials are helping! 

This is a curious one indeed. The exception code, 0xC000008f is
STATUS_FLOAT_INEXACT_RESULT which I've never seen before. To find out why
it's being thrown you need to look *before* the RaiseException line, not
after it. That tells you what's going on after the error occurred but we
are interested in what's happening before it.

thanks -mike

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