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Dimi Paun dimi at
Sat Oct 15 08:59:51 CDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-10-15 at 13:27 +0000, John Smith wrote:
> Come on, with this attitude we won't get anywhere. I'm also spending
> my time  reporting the bugs I don't really care about (except generic
> 'making Wine better'). 

And that's appreciated. Unfortunately, Wine is very incomplete
in the sense that you don't have to look far to find lots of bugs.
Because of this, we don't usually have the same sense of urgency
as other projects to fix them -- there is an infinite stream of 
them just around the corner.

Not an excuse -- I'm just trying to explain why we don't just on
the bugs when they are filled in Bugzilla. Now that we have 0.9
on the way (hopefully followed by 1.0), this attitude seems to be

> We are all in the same boat, and on other open source projects 
> (the one I'm working on - on my own, not employer time, BTW -
> included) reported bugs are treated as a help from the users, not with
> 'pay me to fix it' attitude.

That's a misunderstanding. I agree with you that the conversation
has derailed rather sharply in that direction. However, this is not
the attitude around here. It was a reaction to your perceived approach
to the problem. While well intentioned, you came of as demanding
stuff (bugs fixed, apologies, whatever). 

It was a rough start -- it's easy to be misunderstood on mailing lists.
Lets just relax and start fresh :)

As for your original proposal, the problem with it is that long term
will hurt the project -- it will encourage people to work around bugs
rather then help us fix them. That makes most sense for a company. We
want the project to go forward, so we can not accept such a solution.

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