Reality check

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Oct 15 10:21:00 CDT 2005

> responsibility.  Money or not.  Fixing what you broke
> is the right thing to do -- regardless of the
> disclaimer.

Actually, there is an important point being
overlooked here that deserves being brought out.

Wine regresses all the time.  Any decent programmer
worth her salt would be embarrased to work on
a finished product that regressed all the time.
Yet I think we are blessed with many decent programmers
on the Wine project.

So that's why Wine is officially labeled
'Alpha' software.  It's labeled as such, in
recognition by the developers of Wine that
fundamental pieces of the puzzle are not yet
done correctly, and that future breakage is likely.

So, for example, years ago we had no process
separation.  Lots of programs worked because
cross process messaging 'worked'.  Of course,
lots of others failed to work, because their
memory space was corrupted.  Now we fixed
this, so suddenly lots of applications stopped
working.  A regression?  From a user perspective,
yes.  The right thing to do?  Absolutely.

The good news is the whole point of the 0.9
release is to mark the turning point where
we shift out of Alpha and towards 'Beta'.

In other words, the supposedly decent programmers
now think regressions will happen less frequently,
and will purportedly take them more seriously in
the future. <grin>



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