[PATCH] wined3d VideoRam registry setting

Fabian Bieler der.fabe at gmx.net
Sun Oct 16 05:43:05 CDT 2005

You can get the amount of videoRam from the x-server log (python script 
attached). This is a little unsafe since the video driver is responsible for 
logging this info and I don't know if my script works on the format of all 
drivers. Also, certain drivers (fbdev) don't output this at all. Then again, 
there is no hardware openGL support for this anyway ;-).
Another way to obtain the videoRam would be to use 'lspci -v'.
This is however not error prone either since the the the size reported by 
lspci is not necessarily correct.


Aric Cyr wrote:

> On 10/8/05, Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at ernstfamily.ch> wrote:
>> Le samedi 08 octobre 2005 à 10:47 +0900, Aric Cyr a écrit :
>> > This is a simple patch to add a registry setting for a user's video
>> > RAM which is used
>> > by wined3d.  Currently emulated_videoram is hardcoded at 64MB, which
>> > is not enough for some games and having to recompile wine to change it
>> > is a burden for end-users.  The new registry key is called
>> > HKCU\Software\Wine\Direct3D\VideoRam and is an integer in megabytes.
>> Hello
>> I guess it is not possible to retrieve the real value from the system ?
> Jonathan,
> OpenGL does not have any standard features which allow querying of
> total video memory.  It does allow you to see if a texture allocation
> would succeed or fail, but that would mean allocating a lot of
> textures on startup to determine the actual value then deallocating
> them... not a particularly nice route.  If wine already knows this
> value (which I doubt, since this code wouldn't exist if it did) then
> we could use that.  I'm not familiar with any X calls that would give
> us what we want either.  I'm open to suggestions though...  Cedega
> also does it with a variable like this.
>> It would be nice to have this setting changeable in winecfg in the
>> future.
> Agreed.  Since this is a registry key, I assume that it would be
> pretty easy to add an extra setting in winecfg to configure this.  I
> haven't taken a look at the winecfg code, so I'm not really sure what
> would be required.
> Cheers,
>   Aric
> --
> Aric Cyr <Aric.Cyr at gmail dot com>    (http://acyr.net)
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