[PATCH] wined3d VideoRam registry setting

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Sun Oct 16 06:06:12 CDT 2005

> You can get the amount of videoRam from the x-server log (python script
> attached). This is a little unsafe since the video driver is responsible
> for logging this info and I don't know if my script works on the format of
> all drivers. Also, certain drivers (fbdev) don't output this at all. Then
> again, there is no hardware openGL support for this anyway ;-).
> Another way to obtain the videoRam would be to use 'lspci -v'.
> This is however not error prone either since the the the size reported by
> lspci is not necessarily correct.
Another update: The reason why the script is not working is the vendor string 
- it's "Gentoo (The X.Org Foundation 6.8.2, revision r4-" for me. 
Maybe a not so strict check against it would do it.


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