16 bit code, breakpoints?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sun Oct 16 07:42:29 CDT 2005

Ann & Jason Edmeades wrote:
> Hi, How do you set breakpoints in 16 bit code, or cant you?
> I can add in the winedos code a debugbreak at a particular point in time,
> and I really want to step through some of the code following the return to
> see why something is happening. 
> If I do, for example, break 0x1257:0x33f3 or *0x1257:0x33f3 it doesn't work.
No, that's currently broken.
You could try to do:
info seg 0x1257
get the base of the segment, add 0x33f3 to it, and set the bp by hand at 
the linear address (b * <result>)


Eric Pouech

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