[PATCH] wined3d VideoRam registry setting

Fabian Bieler der.fabe at gmx.net
Sun Oct 16 13:55:33 CDT 2005

On Sunday 16 October 2005 17:22, Oliver Stieber wrote:
> ATI and NVidia both have extensions to X that return the total video memory
> on the card, other options include using code from the DRI project, and
> I've got some very old dos code for some Matrox cards. Since there is no
> standard way to find out the amount of video ram available were going to
> have to maintain different versions for different cards until the day that
> there's a standard X extension.

So, for the nvidia:
should I use 
the output of 'nvidia-settings -q VideoRam' or rather use the nv_control 
extension directly?

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