Downloading Mozilla ActiveX

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Oct 17 00:44:01 CDT 2005

At present Wine asks the use it he/she wants to download and install Mozilla
ActiveX. But it doesn't work and doesn't tell the user that it didn't work. This
is not right. We either should say that download/install failed, or don't show
this message in the first place, unless we fix it.

I would consider this as a major inconvenience for users that is not acceptable
for 0.9 release.

One of the possible solutions was to download it from SF. But that required some
html scraping. That what I thought so too.

Attached is the script that SuSE uses to download core fonts from in an
automated fashion. Could we adapt that script and use it? Or program that logic
into Wine to do the same?

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