Cannot compile 20050830 on Solaris 9

rddone at rddone at
Mon Oct 17 14:41:34 CDT 2005

Ok, Im almost there (or at least alot closer).
After editing a source file and a few Makefiles and manually applying 
several diffs from Robert Lunnons patchkit from different Wine versions 
(none applicable to 20050830). I got Wine to compile on Solaris 9!!!!!

Now when running wine, it sits for a few seconds, then spits the following 
error and quits:
try_mmap_fixed:  vfork:  Resource temporarily unavailable

I found this is coming from /lib/mmap.c after a call to vfork. There is 
nothing in the call that strikes me as odd, nor any indication in the man 
page for vfork, why it would be temporarily unavailable.

The man page only specifies 2 failure modes. ENOMEM indicates there is no 
swap space for the new process. The machine has 512MB of RAM, and 800MB 
swap partition is only 1% used, so that is unlikely.

The other failure mode (EAGAIN), is even less likely if I understand 
correctly. It mentions that the user limit for processes has been 
exceeded. I doubt this is likely, even with 2-3 xterms open on each of 3 
monitors, but I closed all but 1 and tried executing as root, with no success.

The only thing that seemed even semi-applicable while perusing FAQs, Wikis, list archives and Robert Lunnon's patch set was something about setting Solaris threading model to pthread? Not sure how to do that or if that is in addition or in lieu of the changes to kthread.c 

Thanks in advance,
Rob "Stuck again" Done

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