Major inconsistencies in localized resource files

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Oct 19 17:46:49 CDT 2005

Le mer 19/10/2005 à 15:12, Vitaliy Margolen a écrit :
> We have major discrepancies in different language resource files. Some missing
> stuff like font dialog (except few buttons and text). Some have not been updated
> in ages.
> Should we net them together adding what's missing from English resources? And
> set policy: if you do change resource file, change them all!

That's usually impossible (most people don't know all the languages for
which we have resource files). And adding a copy of the English
strings/dialogs is counter-productive: Windows already fallbacks to
English if something doesn't exist in the current locale.

I had developped a tool to verify the coverage of other locales by
comparing them to English, after Dimi put together a simpler one. But it
was never finished. The last person to work on it was Marcelo Duarte.
The result was a set of HTML pages with colors indicating the coverage
of each locales. I don't know when I'll get the time/motivation to
resume work on it.


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