ChurchWindows 2005 Trial install success... some elbow grease required

Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at
Thu Oct 20 00:37:19 CDT 2005

The downloadable trial version of the VB application "Church Windows"
installs fine... IF you first
  create a registry key to make it think IE6 is installed
  install the VB6 runtime
  install MFC40.DLL
  install MFC42.dll
The latter three problems really aren't Wine's fault; the app
leaves them out because most windows systems have
them these days (really?).  But the IE registry key is something
Wine should maybe set by default.  (See
I even wrote a script to automate the download and install
of all the prerequisites and the app itself; it's at

Sadly, the app doesn't work too well once installed, but
that's another story
( )

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