Linking wine * libraries with Linux applications ?!

Alexander Efremov vilgus at
Thu Oct 20 08:55:16 CDT 2005

Hello Michael,

Thursday, October 20, 2005, 3:48:13 PM, you wrote:
>> You might be tempted to pursue another,
>> much more ambitious alternative by
>> making something like 'minwine' analogous to
>> mingw32, i.e. strip Wine down to the parts that
>> can just link into a normal linux app.  It would have
>> to be able to load video codec DLLs to be useful,
>> which might be difficult.  I wouldn't try this route
>> if you want to get anything done and usable in
>> the short term.
> Isn't this exactly what mplayer is doing? Afair "look at how mplayer is
> doing" was a much used answer to people wanting to connect to their 
> Windows DLLs which did few or no Win32 calls at all.

That is exactly what I'm trying to do right now. The question is if
they have the *general* solution for any *.dll or an adhoc approach
for each *.dll they used. Did anyone try to repeat their trick or
use their wrapper ?

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