Linking wine * libraries with Linux applications ?!

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Oct 20 09:33:38 CDT 2005

"Alexander Efremov" <vilgus at> wrote:

> > Isn't this exactly what mplayer is doing? Afair "look at how mplayer is
> > doing" was a much used answer to people wanting to connect to their 
> > Windows DLLs which did few or no Win32 calls at all.
> That is exactly what I'm trying to do right now. The question is if
> they have the *general* solution for any *.dll or an adhoc approach
> for each *.dll they used. Did anyone try to repeat their trick or
> use their wrapper ?

Ones the DLL you are trying to use attempts to create a thread or access
thread local storage it will immediately crash. That's why using Wine DLLs
is not going to work very well outside of the full emulation environment.
Think also about DOS file names and unix file names, somebody have to
provide that functionality. That's an infinite loop: just have a look at
the avifil32 dependencies.


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