Are Visual Basic install problems common?

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Thu Oct 20 11:58:11 CDT 2005

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Is it common for Visual Basic applications to
> have problems installing under Wine?
I'm not sure about this. The question is: are there some common 
installers that are used in VB applications? Or is everybody point and 
clicking his own installer?

> Take the recent post by Denis, for instance.
> He's trying to install a fairly complex Visual Basic
> app that uses MDAC, and the installer just
> won't run properly under Wine.  (I've corresponded
> with him privately, and can give more details if
> desired.)
The installers of the most VB applications i have played with installed 
fine. One failed though due to bugs in VarCmp() and i think it was 
VarDiv(). I have quick fixes for those bugs in my tree but have no time 
at the moment to do the correct fixes with test cases and submit them.
But the VB applications i tried where small applications.

> I have this feeling that this isn't an isolated instance.
> Maybe there are hundreds of thousands of  businesses and
> government offices that have large
> collections of VB apps written in-house,
> not yet ported over to VB.NET, which
> they'd like to run under Wine -- but
> they take one look at the trouble they
> have installing, and give up.
Are there any numbers to back this affirmation? My experience with the 
couple of small VB applications i tried is that the installer worked 
better than the program afterwards.
I have to agree that a good support for VB would be good for the 
adoption of Wine as VB seems to be the shell/awk/perl/whatever scripts 
of Windows users.

> Does anyone have experience rolling VB (not apps
Not me as i do not need Wine; i mean besides having fun hacking on it. 
And oleaut32 (used extensively by VB apps) has a lot of low hanging 
fruits aka missing features/bugs; to bad i do not have much time for 
Wine lately.

> here?  Is it easy to create VB apps that install fine
> under Windows, but not under Wine?

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