wine / Linux kernel interaction and TWAIN

gslink gslink at
Thu Oct 20 20:01:17 CDT 2005

This area can be a real problem under Wine.  The high end scanners such 
as the Minolta MS6000 simply aren't supported by SANE backend.  If you 
want to use one then you must write code for the backend.  You can 
usually get a basic TWAIN driver which is for Win. 98.  These usually 
run under Wine.  The real problem is doing anything with the TWAIN 
result.  Things such as Acrobat Professional don't currently work under 
Wine.  Neither does most of the picture software such as the Kodak 
software supplied in Win 98.  This is the result of several 
unimplemented stubs and a couple of missing dlls.  Some of the Omnipage 
software may work under Wine but I haven't had time to test it.  I don't 
know of a good solution for the TWAIN problem under Wine or directly 
under Linux.  If anyone else has a solution let's hear it.

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