wine / Linux kernel interaction and TWAIN

Randall Walls rwalls at
Thu Oct 20 21:12:49 CDT 2005

This may be WAYYY off the mark, but does the windows version of the GIMP 
work in wine (I believe that it does) and if so, I think it has a font 
end for acquiring images from a scanner, I would assume through TWAIN.

I own a HP scanjet 3570c that has no support under SANE, and I would 
love to get it working. It comes with it's own graphics front end 
program, but I have yet to get it working under wine.

Randall Walls

gslink wrote:

> This area can be a real problem under Wine.  The high end scanners 
> such as the Minolta MS6000 simply aren't supported by SANE backend.  
> If you want to use one then you must write code for the backend.  You 
> can usually get a basic TWAIN driver which is for Win. 98.  These 
> usually run under Wine.  The real problem is doing anything with the 
> TWAIN result.  Things such as Acrobat Professional don't currently 
> work under Wine.  Neither does most of the picture software such as 
> the Kodak software supplied in Win 98.  This is the result of several 
> unimplemented stubs and a couple of missing dlls.  Some of the 
> Omnipage software may work under Wine but I haven't had time to test 
> it.  I don't know of a good solution for the TWAIN problem under Wine 
> or directly under Linux.  If anyone else has a solution let's hear it.

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