Compile documentation problem

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Oct 20 22:08:58 CDT 2005

Le jeu 20/10/2005 à 20:34, gslink a écrit :
> Let me explain the problem.  I took your source from May and it compiled 
> correctly.  When I looked at your source I found that you had supplied 
> some additional code in the form of three patches.  Among the other 
> things supplied were ttf fonts.  As a result your source does not need 
> fontforge or fontforge required libraries.

Right, because seeing the number of downloads of fontforge on
sourceforge, not much people have it installed, and I prefer ease the
step in this specific case.

>  This is not true of the 
> stock version of Wine.  It supplies all fonts in fontforge form.  As a 
> result if is missing then the make file in 
> directory fonts will fail and compilation will stop.

That's the point where I don't quite understand. You installed
fontforge, but some of its dependencies is not installed so it fails to
run? How did you install it? Fedora Extras? The fonts in the .tar.gz
you're talking about are generated with fontforge (obviously :)), but
always the binary package available from, not
the one from Fedora Extras, as that one is older and I know there had
been some changes in the way Wine builds the fonts because of bugs in
fontforge (fixed since then, but it was after this July).

>  With your patches 
> this didn't happen.  Try running wineinstall with the stock Wine source 
> and NO additional rpms in your system.  It should fail in fonts.  If you 
> install fontforge and the fontforge required library 
> then Wine compiles and installs perfectly.

Again, I don't quite understand. Fontforge is not normally installed on
my system, and I never get problems in fonts/ (the files are not built,
but it's not a compilation failure, no attempt to build them is done).
Reading from, if fontforge and freetype are not both
available, the fonts/ dir won't be entered in by make. So if you get any
failure in fonts/, fontforge is installed (or you removed it and didn't
ran configure after).

Now, if you're getting unresolved dependencies (I just checked and the
fontforge package in Fedora Extras lists as one),
then it's a matter of your package manager to install it, or not let you
install fontforge if it can't resolve it itself. If you --force the
installation of fontforge while some dependencies are not satisfied, all
hell breaks loose.

I'm curious how you get to install a fontforge requiring libuninameslist
without installing the latter. Or please point me to what I understood

> I think the best thing might be for you to document those May patches as 
> I think I prefer your way over the stock way.  Please understand: there 
> is nothing wrong with Wine.

Actually, I think some parts of Wine should be distributed as standalone
packages, as they don't need to be in the same source .tar.gz as the
rest of Wine, and the tools to build them are not as ubiquitous as a C

The SGML documentation was a start, I see the fonts as another one.


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