Final call for bug fixes

Christoph cr2005 at
Fri Oct 21 14:23:30 CDT 2005

Alexandre Julliard schrieb:
> Folks,
> I think we are in good shape for the release; the current plan is to
> release on Tuesday. So if you have bugs that you feel must be fixed
> for 0.9 (and that can be fixed with minimal changes), now is the time
> to speak up...


Remember the memory layout bug for World of Warcraft. Would be nice to
have a config option to enable this.

And another workaround which need a setup option is for the 'missing
target circles bug' in WoW:

--- dlls/opengl32/opengl_norm.c
+++ dlls/opengl32/opengl_norm.c
@@ -2367,7 +2416,7 @@
 void WINAPI wine_glPolygonOffset( GLfloat factor, GLfloat units ) {
   TRACE("(%f, %f)\n", factor, units );
-  glPolygonOffset( factor, units );
+  glPolygonOffset( -factor, units );


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