Wine project: Support third party LDDM graphic drivers

Claude Mench claude.mench at
Fri Oct 21 03:56:54 CDT 2005

hello all,

    don't bother on this message if you feel it has nothing to be here.

But I rencently read a whole lot of MSDN documentation about the LDDM
infrastructure. The new Windows graphics vista driver model.

And what made me think we could have support for it in linux.

It seem to me that having the most important parts of the driver
being in user mode would really help to use it on other systems.

>From what I read, the user mode driver would create the command
buffer that would need to be uploaded to the GPU and a kernel
module would need to schedule GPU access handle memory of the
GPU and send the command buffer to it.

This would need the Wine Expertise of DirectX reimplementation as
well as some good kernel hacker, but in the end maybe the struggle
to have linux specific support from Graphics adapter vendors could
be one for all removed if we had LDDM driver support and then and
X build on top of it (same philosofy as Xgl).

it could also benefit to the wine project itself as we would have
really windows driver being used, it should help to increase

sorry if it sound crazy...

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