autoexec.bat and pif's which run batch files

paul pgr at
Sat Oct 22 12:36:27 CDT 2005

I have not seen this one problem listed and it may be a 1.0 target. 
Filed bug 3638.

Legacy installers modify autoexec.bat to add the install directory to 
the path and may also use set's. After the installer installs the 
program will not run as it's bin directory is not in the path. This also 
could be a reason why many applications only work when run from the 
directory it is installed in.

If windows type is set to 95 or less in winecfg then autoexec should be 
processed before running the program.

I also have programs which uses a pif to run a batch file. The batch in 
a pif is disabled/stubbed. I plan to look at filling it that feature 
when I get some time.

Paul Romanyszyn

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