Solaris Updates

Robert Lunnon bobl at
Sat Oct 22 17:33:52 CDT 2005

I have posted my local patches to wine-patches.

Note that for 0.9 I have posted most of the patches that are likely to be 
essential to build a working Wine package (other than those previously 
rejected) regardless of the shape the code is in. Some of it is very ugly and 
lacks integration for other OSen, I have noted these. Since this code is 
maintained as a delta from CVS wine specific to Solaris and only used for 
binary packages, it's not necessary to start out with the niceties all there 
(This particularly happens when I get deep into week long debugging 

Patches not sent are listed hereunder long with the reasons...

Possibly essential (Show stoppers)

ptrace stub patch - Disable debugger by returning error for all ptrace calls, 
add  ptrace stubs (framework) to allow work on ptrace emulation layer for 
wine. -Previously rejected

linking patch - since libwinecrt0.a was added wine has been broken due to the 
linker wanting to import main() in dlls, this results in unresolved symbols. 
I have temporarily worked around this and can build wine with a change to 
winegcc that links another archive (I call winedllcrt0.a) which omits the 
main() definitions in the case where -shared is passed to winegcc. Alexandre 
has asked that I keep looking for a way to make the Solaris linker 
successfully link an archive containing main() to dlls without the need to 
have two runtime startoff libraries.  Patch won't be submitted until a final 
solution is found.

Recommended functionality patches

cpuid patch - CPUID detection using x86 cpuid instruction - previously 

wineconsole/curses.c - Patch non-essential and FAR too hacky at this point - 
just removes all mouse code.

Other Patches

tools - automation patches to allow unattended build No interest to Wine 

Debugger - work in progress, not working

A complete set of patches (even the gross ones) are maintained at

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