Shell32 File Property dialog

Mike McCormack mike at
Sat Oct 22 21:13:51 CDT 2005

Johannes Anderwald wrote:

> I have a patch which adds file property dialogs to shell32

Looks like you've written the patch for ReactOS... it doesn't apply to 
the current Wine tree.

I think you need to do a little bit more work to get it ready for 

* use TRACE instead of DPRINT
* don't use %S in debug statements (with TRACE) it's not portable, use 
%s and debugstr_w(str) instead
* in SH_FileVersionDlgProc you miss a break at the end of WM_COMMAND
* the formatting is all over the place. 4 space indent, no tabs is prefered
* make sure to use the A or W functions and types explicitly. eg. you 
use PROPSHEETPAGE where you should use PROPSHEETPAGEW.
* this comments looks dodgy:

  "SH_FileTimerProc is invoked every 100ms to check if the property
   sheet should be closed required because the property sheet pages
   are MODELESS"

Your Window proc will get a WM_CLOSE when you need to close, or 
WM_DESTROY when it is destroyed.  Freeing memory and other things that 
need to be done when the window is closed should happen in the Window 
procedure, and there should be no need for a timer.

Please take the time to build you patch with and generate it against the 
CVS version of WineHQ.

thanks for the patch,


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