wine ptrace trouble

Peter Beutner p.beutner at
Mon Oct 24 08:37:23 CDT 2005

Jesse Allen schrieb:
> On 10/23/05, Peter Beutner <p.beutner at> wrote:
>>hmm it appearently is a kernel/ptrace issue as Marcus Meissner supposed.
>>I just tested it on x86 and it works fine, while on x86_64 it doesnt work.
>>I will dig a bit further if time permits.
>>Just out of curiosity, why does the server continue ptracing after "the work is done",
>>instead of just detaching?
> I discovered this issue on x86 on linux 2.6.8/9 which led Linus to
> fixing by 2.6.11.   Andi Kleen has not ported the patch to x86-64 from
> what I know, so wine will still suffer under it  -- ie single stepping
> into signal handlers, see mailing list archives.  You need to get your
> kernel patched to fix the problem.  I have access to x86-64 systems
> now and may be able to help.

he ported at least parts of Linus fixes.

[PATCH] x86_64: Handle programs that set TF in user space using popf while single stepping;a=commit;h=e502cdd63de666832b3b65017bb607c22d2868de
[PATCH] x86_64: clean up ptrace single-stepping;a=commit;h=aa85b9af5bdae1f8b84d80367324e4410c3f0674

Appearently not enough :/

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