Wine project: Support third party LDDM graphic drivers

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Mon Oct 24 06:33:18 CDT 2005

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> The Linux graphics driver situation is not bad, in my opinion. The nvidia
> driver is good, some say it's better than the windows driver. The ati
> driver's quality isn't that shiny, and I have a lot of problems with it,
> it's getting better and better. The intel graphics chips have Open Source
> drivers, as do the ATI radeon chips, and the nvidia chips(2D only).

You are certainly right in the current situation, but like Microsoft points
out in their technical documentation, have you seen how well multiple 3d
coexist ? launched several glxgears ? the LDDM adresses problem that would
need to be adressed also under linux when the GPU will be used to render the
desktop and support multiple direct rendering applications. So right now all
this could seem overkill. But trying to bring the LDDM support
under Linux would help adress several real technical issues like memory
management and multiple GPU support.

So beside having drivers support from all manufacturers it would give
of the possibilities of full gpu utilisation.

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