how to determine previous wine ver from dlls?

peter at peter at
Mon Oct 24 15:33:54 CDT 2005


I have an app that is was able to get working very well earlier this year  
. Now , despite days of work and all the wine versions I can think of I am  
unable to reproduce this.

Fortunately I have a tarball of the entire installation and I am able to  
get the thing in it's previous working state.

I now have wine 20050524 installed and it works with this using it's  
original installation but since most of the files in windows/system are  
dated 1st march 2005 this clearly was not the wine I used to install the  
app and get it working.

So two questions:

1/ How can I determine the original wine installation from , for ex. , the  
dlls that were installed at the time?

2/ can I "import" this pre winecfg set-up onto a recent winecft version of  



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