nslookup failing under wine with native dnsapi.dll; RtlIpv6AddressToString() unimplemented

Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 20:32:58 CDT 2005

On 10/24/05, Robertino Benis <rbenis at airyz.com> wrote:
> Here is the output from wine (WINEDEBUG was set to 'warn+all'), tons of "not
> found" stuff. Is there maybe any other option I should have used?
> rbr at airdb:~/src/bwapps$ ~/src/wine/wine/wine nslookup.exe
> warn:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name
> L"\\??\\C:\\Windows\\System\\DNSAPI.dll" ->
> "/home/rbr/.wine/dosdevices/c:/windows/System/dnsapi.dll" required a
> case-insensitive search
> ...
> warn:module:import_dll No implementation for ntdll.dll.RtlIpv6AddressToStringA imported from L"C:\\Windows\\System\\DNSAPI.dll", setting to 0x7f880011

You seem to be using a native copy of dnsapi.dll,
and seems unhappy that Wine's ntdll.dll lacks an implementation
for RtlIpv6AddressToString().
I suppose there's some chance that function would be very
easy to implement.  I'm cc'ing wine-devel in case somebody has an opinion.
- Dan

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