making a wine dll

riezel ramos riezelramos at
Mon Oct 24 22:14:14 CDT 2005

hi!! i am a beginner in wine developing. i would
like to try creating my own DLL inside Wine. ive been following the steps in
the DEVELOPER'S HINTS file. i already have my <> and placed my directory in<>

it looks like this:
AC_OUTPUT dlls/w2lvpd/
if test "$have_x" = "no"

however,im having problems with regenerating the
./configure file. it says here that i should use
autoconf. but it shows this error:
autoconf: <>: No such file or directory

i also tried autoconf-2.53, and resulted to this:
autoconf-2.53 <>: error: possibly undefined

i hope somebody could help me. i am using red hat linux 7.3, and
wine-20050725. thanks!
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