DirectX9 and Halflife2

Evil wine at
Mon Oct 24 22:17:35 CDT 2005

I gave Counter-Strike: Source a try under WINE tonight to see what kind
of results I get on my system (ATI9600XT w8.18 drivers, AMD2000+).  It
was a pre-existing install that I had set up to run under both Windows
98 and Cedega.

After overriding the necessary DLLs, Steam gets past the logon...  I'm
not seeing the HTML in the news tab for some reason, even though I have
IE6 working, but it's not a big deal.

I next had to update the DirectX version in my registry, to stop the
"You must have the latest version of Microsoft DirectX(r) installed to
run ..." message.

At first, I got no sound, but that was fixed by changing audio to
"Emulated" in WineCfg.  Setting it to "No Sound" appears to cause the
games to dump at startup.

Now, my problem is that the video test is running about 1 frame every
two seconds.  I was getting 24fps under Cedega, so I know WINE can
probably do a lot better than it is with some tweaking.  I've tried
changing all kinds of parameters in WINE tonight, and in the game
options but saw no significant speed increase.  I see no real
performance difference when running fullscreen vs. windowed.

Frankly, I was just amazed to see the game start and look as good as it
does - even if it's not at a playable speed yet.  Kudos to the guys
working on the DX emulation!


Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

> The bug I am referring to, that prevents steam from running is:

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