DirectX9 and Halflife2

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Tue Oct 25 03:12:55 CDT 2005

> The reason I was looking into all this is that the performance of hl2
> (atleast in the menus) is greatly reduced by all the FIXME's printed by
> GetData / Issue. As this makes the game unusable is it perhaps an option to
> turn it into a TRACE? Normally I don't like covering bugs like this but I
> think it is a different case when an application because unusable because
> of FIXMEs. Most users don't know anything about this. The same is the case
> for
> drawStridedSlow which is used in lots of cases aswell.
What happens if you use WINEDEBUG=-all wine ... or wine something.exe 
2> /dev/null ?

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