Wine regression testing: PIT_

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Oct 26 05:56:27 CDT 2005

> I then spend several days pulling various releases, just trying to compile them.
> They all fail miserably, because some fix required to compile
> correctly with newer Linux versions is /missing/.
> For example,
>  - any Wine before 2004-01-02 won't work because it won't compile
> against newer ALSA versions.
>  - any Wine before 2003-12-01 needs patches to the build system before
> 'make depend' will even run.

To do a valid regression test, you really want to run it on a system 
that worked in 2003, so you probably should be compiling it and running 
it on Slackware 9.0 or rather than Slackware 10.1, or whatever system 
you were using back then.

For example, if you tried to use Wine from a couple of years ago on the 
latest Fedora Core, even if you get it to compile, it won't run, because 
of problems with exec-shield and who knows what else.


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